My family's journey began at Cairn Station in 1916. My father was a pioneer and adventurer who saw the high country as a challenging masterpiece of nature. I can only imagine the thoughts that swept through him as he looked out at the majesty of Mount Cook. His love of this land runs deep in the Aubrey family today. 


For over 100 hundred years our family has worked hand in hand with nature. On our northern hills we have eight thousand of the world's finest Merino sheep. In our valleys we rear the Cairn cattle, and from the southern slopes comes our famous wine.


Gln Cain Station
Ben Aubrey

We have been blessed with many visitors from around the world, who are always welcome to our home, and I have been asked many times to describe living and working in such a unique environment. It could never be described in words.


The question always reminds me of a moment I was sitting with my sons, in the tussocks atop what they call Ben's mountain. We looked out at the 360-degree view. The magic of a world far below us, yet close enough to still be connected. My sons looked at me and smiled.


I said "God must feel the same I imagine".


Cairn Station