About Stewart Island


The smallest of New Zealand’s main islands, Stewart Island is about 75km long and up to 45km wide.

Stewart Island is a world of its own with a National Park, and Ulva Island bird sanctuary. Its history spans from the early Maori through the days of sealers, whalers, timber millers, and commercial fishing to the modern mix of recreation, fishing and tourism. There is a place for everyone from the free and easy to the most serious fisherman, historian or bird watcher.


Stewart Island can be reached by either aeroplane (http://www.travelink.co.nz/nz/SouthernAir.html) or boat (https://www.stewartislandexperience.co.nz/)


Find out more about Stewart Island at http://www.stewartisland.co.nz


There’s plenty to do during your stay on Stewart Island, including:


  • Fishing

  • Diving

  • Tramping

  • Bush Walking

  • Exploring/cruising

  • Bird watching

  • Kayaking

  • Hunting

  • Relaxing

Stewart Island map